Are you feeling unmotivated? Sometimes, we lose enthusiasm because of situational factors that affect our inner state of being. This lack of drive can royally screw us.

Getting things done on off days is a daunting task. In my experience, I find myself procrastinating and unable to focus during my off days.

I often remind myself that almost everything in life has an opposite. Hate Vs love. Negative Vs positive. Bad Vs good. Left Vs right. Right Vs wrong. Similarly, our lives entail days of  highly motivated demeanor or lack thereof. That is life, there’s nothing wrong with you. The good news is that you can do something about it. So how can you motivate yourself and be more productive?

1. Give yourself daily affirmations. The more affirmations you feed your mind, the more positive you become. Positive thoughts and feelings naturally inspire motivation

2. Visualize your goals. You need to go back to the drawing board and consider your goals. Visualize your life after goal achievement. This will motivate you to be proactive.

3. Start exercising. We often overlook the importance of exercise in our lives. Exercise can help reset your neurotransmitters (responsible for concentration) and fuel you with the right energy. You don’t need a strenuous exercise regime or expensive equipment to get started. A walk in the park, jogging or yoga work just fine.   

4. Develop a routine. Having a routine will help you focus and complete tasks one step at a time. It encourages the consistency needed to beat procrastination and get motivated.

5. Organise your tasks. This goes hand in hand with routine. Having a to do list helps you to complete tasks more efficiently. It is easier to track your progress while ticking off things from your to-do list.

6. Go on vacation. Working non stop and school will leave you feeling burned out. It is important to take some time off work and go on a trip to unwind and regroup. If you are still a student, use your school break to de-stress. Doing this will help restore your motivation.

7. Do things that make you feel good. Doing things that we enjoy has a way of giving us energy. It makes us feel good. When you feel good – you do good! Take some time to engage in fun activities that you enjoy and restore your energy. You can also find a fun way to do boring tasks. Be creative.

8. Organise your work space. I hate clutter! If you find it hard to work in disorganized space, you will not get anything done until you declutter that space. An organised space will help you be proactive. 

9. Connect with people who inspire you. People who inspire positivity in your life are a great source of motivation. Let go of the relationships that affect you negatively. Remove the negative energy from your life. 

10. Remember your why. Your why is the reason behind your goals. Reminding yourself why you started doing something in the first place will restore your drive to move forward. Your why will inspire constructive action hence a constant reminder is vital.

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