There is no doubt that we are living in the internet century. The internet has produced a large number of millionaires to date. Perhaps, you are here because you were searching for legit ways to make money online. With hundreds and thousands of scams online today, finding a legit way to make money can be a struggle. Are you struggling? I have good news. Read on to find out how you can make money through the following;


Many people make money through Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing programs allow you to earn a commission through promotion and sales of a companies products and services. Some companies can authorize a personal link that you can share on your social media platforms to generate traffic. However, if you have a blog – the company will place a banner or ads on your personal website. As an affiliate partner, you earn commission from every product sale made from your personal link.

There are different ways to start an affiliate marketing program. As a blogger or vlogger, you can choose programs based on your niche. Companies choose blogs that have the potential to represent their brand well. For example, a fashion blogger is more compatible with a fashion company than a tech or food company. I have listed some affiliate programs that you can join down below.


You can earn from 4% to 10% in commission through the Amazon affiliate program. You will get paid for purchases (qualifying purchase) made through your custom link. Click on the link: to learn more about the program or register.


Boohoo is a Manchester based fashion company that sells men, women and children clothes and shoes. As an affiliate partner, you will earn about 7% on referred sales. This is a good opportunity to earn extra cash. The more traffic you drive to the company, the more sales you make and the more you earn. Unfortunately, the program is not available in Africa. To apply, click on the following links;

UK, click on

USA, click on

Share a sale

The international affiliate program allows you to partner with different merchants in order to share sales revenue. You can monetize your website with the share a sale program. Share a sale hosts more than 3900 affiliate programs under 40 different categories. No need to worry about your niche. It’s catered for.

Click to sign up as an affiliate.

Click to preview merchants associated with Share A Sale.


Many influencers use this strategy to make money online. You can write an e-book or produce an audiobook then publish it on Amazon, Apple, and eBay. Start with topics that you are interested in or topics that you have knowledge about. Vloggers (YouTubers) have different income streams and some sell e-books and audio books for profit.


Earning money through freelance work can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Some companies allow you to write blog posts for them or review their products for cash. You can earn a decent income from the start through companies like;


Upwork has different types of freelance jobs. You can earn from as little as $5 to $1500 depending on your skill level. There is a demand for writers, translators, graphic designers, sales consultants and photographers. The list goes on. With Upwork, you don’t need a personal website. Just register here and get started: … The company allows you to sell your services to clients in different skill categories.


This travel website allows you to write articles for them. Each travel article earns you $40 AUD which is paid out every Friday through PayPal. Who doesn’t want to be paid to write about places they have been at? To register for this pay per article program, click here:


How do you think people like Tai Lopez make money online? Email Marketing! Creating an email list and sending out valuable content everyday may sound like a lot of work but that is where the money is. Prospecting through your email list builds trust and loyalty. This is fruitful because people may buy into your product or join your brand simply because you have been giving them valuable content though email. Successful email marketing maximises your earning potential.


Monetizing websites is a timeless strategy. Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all make money through website monetization. As a blogger, you can monetize your site through Google AdSense and earn each time a visitor clicks on your Ads (Cost Per Click). Create your free Google AdSense account here: Free WordPress sites cannot be monetized therefore I encourage you to buy a domain name and build your website. You can buy an affordable domain from Godaddy – a reliable web hosting company that I personally use.


Companies usually send people who already have a significant online presence, products to review. A company can reach out to you or you can reach out to them. Start reviewing products that you genuinely like and let the companies know that you are a fan of those products. Some companies will pay you to write a blog review or to make a video. Others won’t pay but you will keep the products. Similar to affiliate programs, you may get a coupon code for the products that you review and earn commission from sales.

N.B; I was not sponsored to talk about any of the companies mentioned above. Some are companies that I have joined before or genuinely like. Thanks.






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